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Our Living Herbs are grown hydroponically, harvested and packaged with the living roots intact for ultimate freshness, nutrition and long shelf-life. Grown without ever touching soil, our herbs give consumers delicious and clean flavor direct from our greenhouse to the table. We hydroponically grow refreshing Upland Cress and zesty Arugula – all to add flavorful nutrition to your favorite fresh dishes, shakes and cooked recipes.

Upland Cress Upland Cress - Packaged

Upland Cress has rosettes of dark green round leaves with a distinctive, peppery taste. Upland Cress may be used in sandwiches, salads as a garnish or cooked as a green. Upland Cress is a good source of Protein, high in vitamins A, C and B2 and also has many essential minerals. It is also fat free, cholesterol free and low in sodium.