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Passion for produce and the end consumer are the two hearty crops that continue to grow at Westland Produce. With a family growing history spanning 15 generations and a local California growing history of 40 years, the past ten years growing hydroponically, Westland Produce has decades’ worth of experience and enthusiasm for farming.  Decades of growing and cold chain delivery know-how coupled with hydroponics and produce is a union of pure genius that results in some of the finest and most deliciously fresh lettuce and herbs available, and consumers agree!  Consumers are in the know when it comes to hydroponics and have created a demand for this sustainable and fresh way to farm.  

Growing greens hydroponically directly and positively affects the end consumer.  Hydroponic produce grown without soil is clean produce with reduced risk of contamination resulting in a healthier, more nutritious and long lasting end product. The simple fact that our crops are produced with the roots intact and without ever having touched soil makes our greens a joy to work with as well as keeping home or restaurant kitchens cleaner and more sanitary.

The impact of growing hydroponically for the consumer is high providing safe and delicious greens direct from our greenhouses to their tables, while the impact to our environment is low, drastically decreasing water, fertilizer and land usage, yet still resulting in a more abundant harvest while our innovative packaging options yield better shipping costs and less plastic waste.

In all of their growing, Westland Produce adheres to a stringent testing protocol before crops are harvested and distributed. Westland continues to seek the safest and most enjoyable crop for the consumer. Westland conscientiously uses Integrated Pest Management, in which beneficial bugs work to eliminate harmful pests, the most both highly effective and completely safe practice for a food product.

Consumers and restaurant leaders are looking for product variety and packaging options, and Westland Produce delivers. We produce not only the basics of deliciously fresh Butter Lettuce, Arugula, and Upland Cress, we also grow gourmet Red Butter Lettuce, Red Oak Leaf Lettuce, Green Oak Leaf Lettuce, Medley (3 in 1) Lettuce and Little Gem Romaine Lettuce. We keep up to date with the discerning palates of consumers and restaurant chef's alike.

Westland’s well versed understanding of cold chain delivery along with smart packaging options has made fresh and prompt delivery to customers a success.  Westland Produce keenly developed a clamshell for ultimate protection and presentation, as well as an open top sleeve that increases pallet capacity by 20% that decreases shipping and packaging costs, both of which can be used at the store level, maximizing in store presence and practicality. When individual packaging just isn’t necessary, our bulk pack is an economically ideal and environmentally sensitive choice for the food service industry and restaurant kitchens, increasing pallet capacity by 20% while decreasing costs and packaging waste.